Monday, December 31, 2007

Romantic Moments

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Lohan voted worst performance in online movie poll

NEW YORK (Reuters) - As if 2007 could get any worse for Lindsay Lohan, now this: Moviegoers tagged her with the year's worst performance by an actress.

Fifty-eight percent of voters in an online poll by AOL's Web site Moviefone gave Lohan that dubious honor for her turn as a woman escaping a sadistic killer in the box-office flop, "I Know Who Killed Me."

The poll, which tallied more than 3.8 million votes, had more bad news for the starlet, who recently spent a brief stint in jail for drunken driving and cocaine possession and also attended voluntary rehab.

Another of Lohan's films, "Georgia Rule," finished second among voters for biggest waste of $10 spent on a movie ticket.

The No. 1 biggest waste? "Norbit," a slapstick comedy starring Eddie Murphy, whose performance in the movie was the runaway pick for worst by an actor.

Voters were given five choices in each poll category. Two box-office smashes were voted the most worthy of the price of a ticket: The blood-soaked ancient war epic "300" edged out the sci-fi extravaganza "Transformers," 28 percent to 26 percent.

"Transformers" stars Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf were named best on-screen duo, barely beating out Michael Cera and Jonah Hill, the nerdy leads of the comic coming-of-age romp "Superbad."

"Superbad" made more voters laugh out loud than any other film, registering 37 percent of the tally, ahead of the 28 percent for the bawdy pregnancy comedy "Knocked Up." Both comedy blockbusters were from producer Judd Apatow.

Sexiest babe went to Fox of "Transformers," while hottest hunk went to Johnny Depp, from "Pirates of the Caribbean."

Ralph Fiennes' dark turn as Voldemort in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" earned him best male villain honors. Angelina Jolie won best female villain for playing the mother of the demon Grendel in "Beowulf."

Voters gave Matt Damon the nod for best two performances for "Ocean's Thirteen" and "The Bourne Ultimatum," the latter of which easily nabbed year's best sequel.


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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Worst Dressed Celebs of '07

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Katherine Heigl Marries Josh Kelly

Emmy Award winner actress Katherine Heigl has married her musician Katherine Heigl Marries Josh Kellyboyfriend Josh Kelly in Utah as per the reports.

Heigl, 29, and Josh, 27 tied the knot at a resort in Park City, Utah.

Around 80 friends and family members were present in the function.

Reportedly, the bride, Heigl wore a white Oscar De La Renta gown. She walked down the aisle to the tune of song written especially for the ceremony by the groom, Josh.

Heigle won an emmy for her role as an adulterous medic in the ABC network’s Grey’s Anatomy. She met Kelly in 2005, when she was cast in a music video of “Only You”, and they were engaged the following year after Heigle forced the issue.

Guests among the ceremony were Heigl's co-stars Sandra Oh, Kate Walsh and TR Knight.

Christmas cookies were served when they arrived, and ate traditional Christmas fare at the reception, reportedly.

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Paris loses out: Hilton fortune pledged to charity

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hotel heiress Paris Hilton's potential inheritance dramatically diminished after her grandfather Barron Hilton announced plans on Wednesday to donate 97 percent of his $2.3 billion fortune to charity.

That wealth includes $1.2 billion Barron Hilton stands to earn from both the recent sale of Hilton Hotels Corp. -- started by his father Conrad in 1919 when he bought a small hotel in Cisco, Texas -- and pending sale of the world's biggest casino company, Harrah's Entertainment Inc.

That money will be placed in a charitable trust that will eventually benefit the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, raising its total value to about $4.5 billion, the foundation said in a statement.

Barron Hilton, chairman of the foundation, intends "to contribute 97 percent of his entire net worth, estimated today at $2.3 billion, including the created trusts, at whatever value it is at the time of his passing," the foundation said.

Paris Hilton was not immediately available for comment on her grandfather's plans for his fortune.

Jerry Oppenheimer, who profiled the Hilton family in his 2006 book "House of Hilton," has said Barron Hilton is embarrassed by the behavior of his socialite granddaughter Paris and believes it has sullied the family name.

Barron Hilton, who is 80, has not commented on Oppenheimer's remarks.

The foundation supports projects that provide clean water in Africa, education for blind children, and housing for the mentally ill. Its aims, based on Conrad Hilton's will, are "to relieve the suffering, the distressed and the destitute."

"Speaking for the family as well as the foundation, we are all exceedingly proud and grateful for this extraordinary commitment," said Steven Hilton, one of Barron's sons and president and chief executive of the foundation.

Conrad Hilton established the foundation in 1944 and when he died in 1979 left virtually all of his fortune -- including, according to media reports at the time, a 27 percent controlling stake in Hilton Hotels -- to the charity.

But Barron Hilton challenged the will and after a nearly decade-long legal struggle reached an out-of-court settlement to split ownership of the shares with the foundation in 1988, The New York Times reported.

The hotel group was sold for $20 billion in October to private equity firm Blackstone Group, while the acquisition of Harrah's -- of which Barron Hilton was a board member until 2006 -- is due to be completed by Apollo Management and TPG Capital in early 2008.

Paris, a symbol of celebrity privilege in America, gained notoriety in 2003 when a home video of her having sex with a boyfriend was posted on the Internet.

She parlayed her notoriety, fueled by tabloid headlines about her partying lifestyle, into a celebrity career that has included a reality television show, a book, a music album, and film roles. Then this year she spent more than three weeks in jail for violating probation in a drunk-driving case.

- Reuters

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Celebrity Funny Faces

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Ike Turner's memorial: moving, musical

GARDENA, Calif. - Ike Turner's funeral was part memorial service, part rock concert. The nearly three-hour remembrance Friday at Greater Bethany Community Church City of Refuge in Gardena featured Turner's eight-piece band, the Kings of Rhythm, which performed rollicking renditions of some of the musician's greatest hits, including "Nutbush City Limits" and "Proud Mary." The songs brought the crowd of hundreds to its feet.

"Daddy wouldn't want any of us crying," said Turner's daughter, Mia Turner. "He would want us to throw a party."

Among those eulogizing Turner, who died Dec. 13 at age 76, were music producer Phil Spector and rock 'n' roll pioneer Little Richard, who described his friend as "one of the greatest musicians I have ever met in my life."

Richard said that Turner's breakthrough rock 'n' roll hit, "Rocket 88," "shook my soul."

"I took that same introduction and made 'Good Golly, Miss Molly,'" he said. "I took that same thing and made a huge hit."

Turner was responsible for a string of hits throughout his career, including 1959's "A Fool in Love" and 1970's "Take You Higher," but his musical legacy was forever tarnished by his image as the drug-addicted, brutally abusive former husband of Tina Turner.

Spector, who produced Turner's song "River Deep, Mountain High," said, "There was only one Ike, and I learned more from Ike than any professors I know."

He went on to say that Turner was "demonized and vilified" by his ex-wife, Tina Turner. He called the 1993 film "What's Love Got To Do With It," based on her autobiography, a "piece of trash movie," inspiring applause from some mourners.

"Ike made Tina the jewel she was," Spector said.

Spector also accused Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg of "demonizing" Turner on their talk shows.

Of Turner's 17 months in jail for a drug conviction in 1989, Spector said, "He was sent to prison for no other reason than he was a black man in America."

Each speech was punctuated with performances by Turner's band, the crowd rising to its feet again and again to sing and dance along.

Concert promoter Charlie Dutton, Turner's friend and colleague for 40 years, called him "the most talented musical person to ever live on earth."

"He doesn't get his just dues for what he really did," Dutton said.

Other speakers included Ike Turner Jr., who brought his father's two Grammy Awards on stage.

"He made billions and billions and billions of people happy," he said. "He had the best life."

The service began with a photo montage from throughout Turner's life set to his song "Jesus Loves Me," which features the refrain "I'm a bad boy, but Jesus loves me anyway."

A 10-piece horn-and-drum ensemble played as mourners left the church.

- omg

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Johnny Depp rates No. 1 for autographs

NEW YORK - Want an autograph from Johnny Depp? Chances are, he'll sign something for you and not be a jerk about it. The 44-year-old actor is the most gracious celebrity for the third year in a row on Autograph magazine's annual list of the "10 Best and 10 Worst Hollywood Signers."

Depp is "'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' on film, and Johnny and the Signing Factory in person," the magazine said.

"Though soft-spoken and laid-back, he likes to talk to fans and get to know them while signing," New York autograph dealer Anthony Risi explains in the December issue, now on newsstands. "He'll sign more than one item when he has time, too."

The magazine said editors compiled input from autograph-collecting judges based in Europe, New York and California in ranking the celebs.

Matt Damon is second on the list, followed by George Clooney, Jack Nicholson, Rosario Dawson, John Travolta, Katherine Heigl, Jay Leno, Dakota Fanning and Russell Crowe wait, Russell Crowe?

Crowe, who has a history of throwing temper tantrums, ranked among the worst signers on last year's list. But in a turnaround, the magazine said, the 43-year-old actor "started treating fans great, signing, taking pictures and chatting them up."

Will Ferrell is deemed the worst celebrity signer, followed by Tobey Maguire, Joaquin Phoenix, William Shatner, Renee Zellweger, John Malkovich, Julie Andrews, Bruce Willis, Teri Hatcher and Scarlett Johansson.

However, "keep in mind that even the best signers don't sign sometimes, the worst sometimes do, and that just because they're on the worst list doesn't mean they're bad people," the magazine said.


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Katie's Closeup

Wow she look beautiful..

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Backstage at the Victoria's Secret Show

LA water main break floods rocker's yard

LOS ANGELES - It wasn't the homecoming Eddie Van Halen was hoping for.

The 52-year-old guitarist had been in Edmonton, Alberta, where his band, Van Halen, had just performed, when a call came in early Monday morning from Los Angeles fire officials.

A broken water main in Studio City sent thousands of gallons of water flowing down Coldwater Canyon Avenue and into Van Halen's yard.

He arrived home from Canada around noon and surveyed the damage.

"It could have been a lot worse," said Janie Liszewski, Van Halen's publicist and live-in girlfriend.

"The pool is buried in mud, the driveway gate is down and some major landscaping is going to be needed to restore the yard to its former self," Liszewski said.

Fire spokesman Cecil Manresa confirmed Van Halen's was the lone home affected by the water, and said sandbags placed around the house prevented any water from entering inside.

- AP

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sutherland starts his 48-day jail term

LOS ANGELES - Kiefer Sutherland was sentenced Wednesday to 48 days in jail for racking up a second drunken-driving arrest in three years and immediately reported to a city lockup. The star of the Fox TV drama "24" was being processed at the Glendale city jail, said Officer John Balian.

Sutherland, 40, who pleaded no contest in October to driving with a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit of .08, appeared in court with his attorney and politely answered the judge's questions, said Assistant City Attorney Dan Jeffries.

His request to serve his time at the Glendale city jail was granted and he was ordered to complete the sentence by March 30, Jeffries said.

"Kiefer made the decision to surrender to custody immediately," his attorney, Blair Berk, told The Associated Press.

He could have waited as late as Feb. 12.

The actor was already on probation for a 2004 drunken-driving arrest when he was stopped by police as he left a Hollywood industry party at the trendy Area nightclub on Sept. 25. Authorities said he failed a field sobriety test after being pulled over for making an illegal U-turn.

Sutherland had also pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor DUI charge in 2004. He was sentenced in that case to five years' probation, 50 hours of community service and ordered to attend an alcohol treatment program. Authorities said he fulfilled the community service and alcohol treatment obligations.

He was also convicted of alcohol-related reckless driving in 1993, according to the city attorney's office.

"I'm very disappointed in myself for the poor judgment I exhibited recently, and I'm deeply sorry for the disappointment and distress this has caused my family, friends and co-workers," Sutherland said in a statement issued after he entered his plea in the latest case.

Sutherland, who plays dashing federal counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer on "24," won an Emmy for best actor last year.

Under the terms of his plea, he also must serve five years of probation, pay a $510 fine, enroll in an 18-month alcohol-education class and attend weekly alcohol-therapy sessions for six months, Jeffries said.

He could have been sentenced to as much as a year and a half in jail if convicted.

Sutherland will serve his sentence at Glendale city jail, but under a county jail inmate program because of overcrowding, Jeffries said. He must serve all 48 days.

The Glendale jail is a minimum security facility with 48 cells, each of them measuring 10 feet by 8 feet. They come equipped with two beds, a toilet, washbasin and water fountain, but Sutherland won't be sharing his cell with anyone.

"Anyone here for a long period of time will get their own cell," Balian said.

The actor is classified as an "inmate worker" and will be required to perform duties in the laundry room and help prepare food for inmates in the kitchen area.

"He'll be working here for 48 days," Balian said.

Sutherland will also have access to an outdoor area and be allowed two visitors per day.

Associated Press Entertainment Writer Sandy Cohen contributed to this report.

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2007 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Andy Samberg on Ice

"Saturday Night Live" funnyman Andy Samberg and his friends take in a NY Islanders hockey game.

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Liz Taylor performs despite strike

LOS ANGELES - Elizabeth Taylor returned to the stage Saturday night, after persuading striking TV and film writers to briefly put down their picket signs.

The Writers Guild of America agreed not to picket the Paramount Pictures lot when actress and AIDS activist Taylor gave a benefit performance of A.R. Gurney's play "Love Letters" with James Earl Jones.

Taylor did not speak to reporters as she arrived in a wheelchair, wearing an orange gown and diamond earrings. She smiled for the cameras as her boyfriend, industrialist Jason Winters, wheeled her into the theater.

Taylor, 75, said she would not cross picket lines Dec. 1, which was World AIDS Day. She said she asked the writers union for a "one night dispensation" so she and her guests could enter the studio with a clear conscience.

"The Writers Guild of America has shown great humanity, empathy and courage by allowing our little evening to move forward," Taylor said in a statement.

Writers have been on strike since Nov. 5.

More than 500 people, including California first lady Maria Shriver, paid $2500 per ticket for the one-night performance. The goal was to raise $1 million for The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

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History & More Photos of Elizabeth Taylor

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pilgrim's Pride

Gwen Stefani departs Barney's looking like a modern-day pilgrim. Somehow we don't think the women of Plymouth Colony sported big sunglasses or designer bags.

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'Superman' Brandon Routh marries

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - It was a Thanksgiving weekend wedding for "Superman Returns" star Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford.

Routh, 28, married the 29-year-old actress Saturday at El Capitan Ranch, according to People magazine and the celebrity news site The Insider. The couple met four years ago.

The bride wore a Junko Yoshioka sheath dress with Chantilly lace and platinum beading, and the groom wore a cashmere suit.

In a People interview in June, Routh called Ford his personal kryptonite, saying, "She brings me to my knees."

Telephone messages left with Routh's publicists, Emily Yomtabian and Simon Halls, weren't returned.

Routh starred in last year's "Superman Returns." Ford starred in the 2004 science fiction film "Outside," and her TV credits include appearances on "Ugly Betty" and "Moesha."

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Boy George in court charged with false imprisonment

LONDON (Reuters) - Singer Boy George

appeared in a London court on Thursday charged with the false imprisonment of a male escort.

The former Culture Club frontman fought through a huge media scrum after a minute-long hearing in which he spoke only to confirm his name and date of birth.

The 46-year-old, dressed in a black jacket and shirt, was released on bail, with the condition that he cannot contact the alleged victim.

The offence is alleged to have taken place at the star's home in east London in April this year.

Prosecutor Nicholas Paul told the court the case centered on an "allegation of false imprisonment" but did not provide further details.

George, who did not enter a plea, will appear again at Snaresbrook Crown Court on February 25 next year.

As the star left the court house he was surrounded by photographers, and it took six burly policemen to force a way through the crowd to George's car.

George refused to make any comment outside the court.

(Editing by Astrid Zweynert)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Celine Dion steps back into pop world

LaS VEGAS - Though she's undeniably warm and gregarious, you can hear a bit of irritation creep into Celine Dion's voice when her years away from the pop music world is referred to as "time off."

"I don't think it was a break," she says politely but firmly. "I worked for five years."

Indeed, Dion's "A New Day" concert extravaganza on the Las Vegas strip may have been more demanding than pop life. The French-Canadian chanteuse performed several days a week in the ambitious, Franco Dragone-directed show, which was heavy on dancing, theatrics and of course Dion's booming voice. The career of Celine Dion the Entertainer was vibrant and thriving.

But for all practical purposes, the career of Celine Dion the Pop Diva was all but dormant where it once had its biggest impact the recording industry.

While thousands packed Caesars' Palace to hear her sing every night, Dion who has sold 50 million albums in the United States alone since her 1990 debut, and had one of the biggest songs in pop history with "My Heart Will Go On" disappeared from the charts. Though she released a French-language album and a CD to accompany an Anne Geddes photo book titled "Miracles," Dion decided not to put out a pop disc during her Las Vegas tenure. Her last proper studio album release was 2003's double-platinum "One Heart," released just as the show began.

So as "A New Day" winds down this year and she releases her comeback record, "Taking Chances," on this week, Dion finds herself in many ways starting over, trying to reclaim her place after being a pop queen in exile.

"She's more nervous than she was before. The fact that she hasn't been in the pop arena for five years, she's pretty nervous about it and me too by the way," says her husband and manager, Rene Angelil. "We don't know if people will accept her, if the fans are still there. We know that she has fans ... (but) a lot of things have changed in the music business in the last five years."

Something else has also changed as well: Dion's sound. The woman known (and often parodied) for her bombastic love ballads now has a harder edge to her music. Some of the songs are decidedly uptempo and would fit in easily on a Kelly Clarkson CD, with their emphasis on heavy guitars. And on the album's most intriguing track, "The Woman in Me," Dion sounds like she's singing in some nefarious dive bar. Growling her way through the blues belter, she blows away her reputation for sometimes saccharine material.

Even the album's first single, the ballad "Taking Chances," seems more mainstream pop than her usual adult contemporary vibe like a calculated attempt to capture new listeners.

But Dion, 39, says she wasn't intentionally trying to change her sound.

"I picked those (songs) without knowing that it was very different, to be honest with you," she said via phone after taping an episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," part of a high-profile media blitz planned for the week of the CD's release.

"When I went in the studio and I sang them I just enjoyed myself so much. And now I listen to it and I notice it's definitely edgier but this is where I am right now," she adds. "I'm not a new Celine but it's just that I've evolved and this is where I am in my life and my career right now. ... the feeling that I feel. I'm definitely more mature and more grounded."

John Shanks, who produced several songs on "Taking Chances," including the title cut, says her new sound shows "she's viable and that she is competitive."

"It shows that there are many sides to her and it's just how she's been showcased in the past. ... I don't think she's chasing anything at all, she's not chasing a sound. I think it's a very natural growth."

But after being gone from the pop scene for so long, even a new sound may not be enough to connect with listeners. So far, the acoustic-leaning single "Taking Chances" hasn't registered on the pop charts, although it's at No. 11 on the adult contemporary charts.

One station that is taking a chance on "Taking Chances" is New York's top 40 radio station Z100. Sharon Datsur, the program director, says the typical response from listeners is "shock that it's Celine Dion, first of all, and then they say, 'Wow, I love the song.'"

Though the first single has been slow to catch on at other radio stations, Datsur said the album, which includes production by R&B singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, rocker Ben Moody and Linda Perry, is the smart way to reintroduce Dion and create a different identity with the audience.

"I've listened to the whole album and they did this really smartly. They are working with some of the top producers that have produced some of the biggest pop hits in the last five, 10 years," she says. "For so many years, a lot of people kind of associated her with adult contemporary an older audience."

While Dion admits to being "more nervous" about her new album than past one, she's also quick to assert that she's not obsessed with trying to recapture the multi-platinum status of her glory years. Part of the reason for that is also the reason she planted herself in Las Vegas for five years: her 6-year-old son, Rene-Charles.

"I do worry, but for the important things," she says forcefully before a recent performance at Caesars Palace. "My priorities changed since I became a mommy. I love to sing, I love to perform (but) it is not my life."

To that end, Dion and Angelil are already looking past the next year, during which she plans a major world tour, and planning to add to their family. "This is our big project," Angelil says.

In fact, Dion, who is quick to point out that she has been working pretty much straight for the past 25 years, is looking forward to her next hiatus from the pop arena when she will truly have a real break.

"I miss to be home, we're building a house right now," she says wistfully. "I'm about to meet my life soon, you know, so that's what I miss the most."

Source : Associates Press

Celebrity In Bikini

'Saturday Night Live' staged amid strike

NEW YORK - It wasn't live from New York as usual.

About 150 audience members in a tiny Manhattan theater were the only folks in the world to witness a totally new "Saturday Night Live" episode starring guest host Michael Cera and musical guest Yo La Tengo.

Anyone who tuned into NBC was subjected to a two-week-old rerun featuring Brian Williams and Feist, thanks to an ongoing Writers Guild of America labor strike.

"It was everything that's never been on the show before," cast member Kenan Thompson told The Associated Press after the show. "Sometimes it doesn't get a chance to shine, but it sure shined here."

The "SNL" cast and writers collaborated on staging the special "Saturday Night Live On Strike!" event at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre to benefit the behind-the-scenes staff affected by the strike. The live performance was not officially sanctioned by NBC, but "SNL" executive producer Lorne Michaels, who celebrated his 63rd birthday, did attend.

"He came and saw it and laughed a little bit," said Thompson.

The performance included all the trappings of a typical "SNL" episode, such as a host monologue, musical performance, "Weekend Update" news segment and several comedy sketches all without any commercial interruption.

"It was a little dirtier than usual," audience member Birch Harms said.

A typical "SNL" episode features about seven sketches, but the cast performed about 15 original sketches during the two-hour event. Thompson said he starred in a sketch called "Hip-Hop Whodunit," a mock game show about solving hip-hop crimes, and also appeared as a French comedian during "Weekend Update."

"They didn't have elaborate costumes or graphics or anything," audience member Risa Sang-urai said. "Sometimes they would explain things or wear wigs. It wasn't anything too elaborate, but you didn't really need it."

Tickets to the hush-hush sold at the 11:30 p.m. EST performance were difficult to come by. Many audience members were friends or acquaintances of "SNL" cast members or performers at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, an improv theater co-founded by "SNL" cast member Amy Poehler.

Thompsen said everyone in the current cast participated in the event, except Maya Rudolph. Past cast members Rachel Dratch and Horatio Sanz also performed. Singer Norah Jones made a cameo appearance, according to audience members.

Production of "SNL" shut down because many of the stars also write the shows. The cast and writers of "30 Rock" have also planned to stage a similar live performance Monday at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

"Everybody's in a holding pattern right now," Thompson said of the "SNL" staff. "It's a shame. All these creative people are just sitting around. We've obviously got material we're waiting to unleash on the world."

Source : AFP

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hilton tries to help drunk elephants

GAUHATI, India - Paris Hilton is being praised by conservationists for highlighting the problem of binge-drinking elephants in northeastern India.

Activists said a celebrity endorsement such as Hilton's was sure to raise awareness of the plight of the pachyderms that get drunk on farmers' homemade rice beer and then go on a rampage.

"The elephants get drunk all the time. It is becoming really dangerous. We need to stop making alcohol available to them," the 26-year-old socialite said in a report posted on World Entertainment News Network's Web site. Her comments were picked up by other Web sites and newspapers around the globe.

Last month, six wild elephants that broke into a farm in the state of Meghalaya were electrocuted after drinking the potent brew and then uprooting an electricity pole.

"There would have been more casualties if the villagers hadn't chased them away. And four elephants died in a similar way three years ago. It is just so sad," Hilton was quoted as saying in Tokyo last week. She was in Tokyo to judge a beauty contest.

Her publicist couldn't immediately be reached for comment Tuesday.

Hilton promised to improve her bad-girl image after she completed a jail term in June for violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case.

She announced plans to do charity work in Rwanda, but the trip was postponed until next year.

Sangeeta Goswami, head of animal rights group People for Animals, told The Associated Press: "I am indeed happy Hilton has taken note of recent incidents of wild elephants in northeast India going berserk after drinking homemade rice beer and getting killed."

"As part of her global elephant campaign, Hilton should, in fact, think of visiting this region literally infested with elephants," Goswami said.

Another conservationist said elephant alcohol abuse was just a symptom of the real problem.

"Elephants appear on human settlements ... because they have no habitat left due to wanton destruction of forests," said Soumyadeep Dutta, who heads Nature's Beckon, a leading regional conservation group.

"A celebrity like Hilton must focus her attention on this fact," Dutta said.

Source : US Magazine

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Celebs Craving Caffeine

Celebs Craving Caffeine

Schwarzenegger has thigh surgery

LOS ANGELES - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger underwent surgery Saturday to remove a metal plate and cables from his leg, a spokesman said.

The hardware was used to help Schwarzenegger's upper thigh bone heal after he broke it while skiing in Sun Valley, Idaho, last Dec. 23.

Dr. Kevin Ehrhart, who performed the 20-minute surgery at a Los Angeles hospital, said in a statement issued by the governor's office that there were no complications.

The governor "is in excellent health and there were no complications in this morning's successful follow-up medical procedure," Ehrhart said in a statement.

He said removing the hardware is standard practice after the leg has fully healed. Ehrhart said the second-term Republican governor will use a crutch for several days.

Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear said the governor turned over power to Lt. Gov. John Garamendi for 90 minutes during what he described as "minor surgery." Schwarzenegger was under general anesthesia for one hour during the procedure, McLear said.

McLear would not disclose the name of the hospital, citing "privacy reasons." Schwarzenegger left the hospital Saturday afternoon to return to his Santa Monica home, McLear said.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Has Baby Boy

The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her husband, Tim, an NFL quarterback, have welcomed their second child, a baby boy, ABC announced Saturday.

The child, who weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces and arrived without complications, was born Friday in Arizona.

"We're thrilled he arrived safely," Tim said in a statement. "Both mom and son are happy and healthy."

Elisabeth is expected to reveal the baby's name when she calls in to The View Monday.

The couple's daughter Grace is 2.

Tim Hasselback with wife Elisabeth at the 2007 Breeders Cup press conference, NYC.
Gary Gershoff / Wire Image

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